1. The Skate Guards have full authority to supervise the rink and enforce all rules of the Ice Steering Committee. Any Skate not abiding by the rules may be asked to leave the ice and/or the Club property
2. Members are responsible for and must be present with their guests. Please sign in all guests with the skate guard and/or register in Pat's House. Seasonal Hockey Members do not have guest privileges. Fees are $6.00 on a weekday and $8.00 on the weekend per guest and limited to three separate visits per year.
3. Children under the age of 10 must be accompanied by an adult or by a babysitter who is older than 14.
4. No racing, tag, crack-the-whip, removing other skater's hats, any dangerous forms of skating, boisterous conduct or rough play is permitted in or around the ice rink, Pat's House or the Carriage House.
5. No playing "Man Hunt" or other hide and go seek games on club property. No Throwing anything (hats, gloves, snowballs, etc.) on the ice. No playing on the snow mounds.
6. Absolutely NO TRESPASSING on neighbor's property.
7. Adults only are allowed on the deck (upstairs) in Pat's House. ONLY authorized persons are allowed in Pat's House Office.
8. No unaccompanied children are allowed on the upstairs deck in Pat's House or in the office at Pat's House. Under no circumstances is anyone permitted to climb on or play on the roof of Pat's House.
9. Hockey sticks or pucks are never permitted on the ice except during hockey time. Hockey sticks are not permitted in Pat's House or Carriage House. Blades guards must be worn upon entering the Carriage House Restaurant.
10. No high test figure skating during General Session skating sessions. Racing Blades are never permitted on the ice.
11. Chairs may be used only by beginner skaters, accompanied by an adult on skates. NO SITTING in the chairs, the chairs must be pushed only. No one without skates allowed on the ice. No racing blades allowed.
12. Only authorized club staff allowed on the ice during resurfacing. No sitting on dasher boards.
13. No food, beverages, or smoking on the ice.
14. Please show proper respect for the property of others, including skates, BHC locker rooms, Pat's House, snack bar, rink facilities and surrounding property. Deliberate removal of, or malicious damage to anyone else's property is strictly prohibited.
15. No skating with children/infants in back carriers.
16. When continuing or serious rule violations occur, Board disciplinary action (suspension of use of facilities, suspension from skating and hockey programs, and/or reimbursement for damages) may be taken against rule violators.
17. Any member witnessing boisterous conduct and/or vandalism should report immediately to any member of the staff, Christian Vargas, Maintenance Manager, Bill Loeffler, Clubhouse Manager, Kevin Kamenski, Ice Director or to the Ice Trustees, Brad Bonner & Andrea Mather