I am a Beacon Hill Club Hockey Player. For the greater enjoyment of the game, the Ice Program, and the Beacon Hill Club Ice Facilities, I voluntarily subscribe to the following guidelines.

1)    Complete and Proper Respect for the property of others, including skates and equipment, BHC game uniforms, locker rooms, Pat’s House, Snack Bar, rink facilities and similar property, and facilities at other clubs and rinks.  This mean that deliberate removal of, or malicious damage to, anyone else’s property is strictly prohibited.

2)    Good Sportsmanship, on and off the ice, in games and practice.  This means clean, competitive play, no obscene language or gestures, no arguing with game officials, no taunting opposing players, no fighting, and observance of the traditional handshake at games end. In short, thoroughly responsible and proper behavior at all times; at home or away.

3)    Enthusiastic Participation and Support for all aspects of the Beacon Hill Club Ice Program. This means prompt, “ready to skate” attendance and positive attitude at all practices and games, special consideration for and encouragement to, younger less proficient skaters, strict observance of “reserved ice” space for lessons, and common sense avoidance of dangerous horseplay, on and off the ice.

4)    Commitment to the Beacon Hill Hockey Program. The purpose of the Program is to develop competitive hockey skills in an environment that promotes teamwork, safety and fair play.  In recognition of the need to develop those skills early and to ensure fairness for all involved in the Program, commitment to the BHC Hockey Program is required. Parents and players acknowledge and commit to the following four points:
     a) Commitment to a team is one of the most important concepts we can instill in our players.
     b) Attendance at practices is an important part of team bonding and player development.
     c) Players must play in 70% of Club League Games in order to Participate in the Playoffs (50% for Bantams)
     d) Players must play in 50% of MCYHL games in order to participate in the playoffs

These conduct guidelines have been adopted by the Beacon Hill Club Ice Steering Committee for the sole purpose of maintaining the integrity of the Beacon Hill Club Hockey Program.  All players are expected to abide by them, in letter and spirit.  Enforcement will be the responsibility of parents, coaches, managers and ultimately the Ice Steering Committee.